Digital marketing concepts

Reach and communication concepts to maximize revenues – two examples

Example 1:

For an internationally leading company in health products we have developed a digital communication concept in order to link the webshop with traditional sales channels such as sales people, wholesaler, buying groups and manufacturer. The target was an increase in revenues across all sales channels.

Aside to the strategic alignment i.e. conversion of new clients, the concept included the definition of target groups, USP, marketing strategies and –tactics, media analysis, reach-potential and the selection of appropriate reach partners. The focus was on a market and requirements oriented positioning, revenues increasing multi-channel and multi-targeting actions as well as the optimization of usability, conversion and the user-journey within the webshop.

Example 2:

For the automotive division of a leading German technology corporation a go-to-market strategy for a new mobile application has been developed.

Within the go-to-market concept the focus was on target groups, USP, usability, payment systems, digital and analog marketing co-operations and media concepts. Based on market research data we have compiled strategies and concrete target group segmented actions in order to generate fast but sustainable success.