CSI as solution partner

Within the medical and health tourism sector CSI has been nominated as solution partner for M2HTC and HTI.

CSI is doing consulting for M2HTC clients such as clinics and hotels in the field of healthcare and health tourism in the Turkish market. In order to create awareness CSI is realizing marketing and PR activities to consumers and special interest groups in the German speaking countries and other European key target markets. Moreover, CSI is representing M2HTC towards B2B contacts with a focus on the German speaking market.

Over the past years HTI and CSI have developed a close relationship and collaborated on several topics within the health tourism industry. Today CSI is publishing the HTI News Magazine, the first and leading European business magazine that promotes and connects renowned stakeholders and service providers in health travel and tourism business.

About M2HTC:
M2 HTC is a consultancy company, which enables healthcare facilities such as hotels (health hotels, thermal, spa & wellness) and travel agencies operating in the field of health tourism to enter into the turkish health tourism market, e.g. by transforming Turkish hotels into medical hotels. M2 HTC is supporting these healthcare providers by licensing, governmental health tourism authorization, training, international patient management, international market structure and international quality accreditation. More info: M2HTC

About HTI:
HTI is the leading hub for health travel and tourism business in Europe. They bring together medical experts, spa and wellness professionals, buyers, service providers, associations and destinations through both events and projects supported by prominent European and global organizations. The vision “Your health tourism industry partner” expresses the commitment to provide excellent service to clients and partners. Furthermore, HTI helps enable global stakeholders to stay on top of the trends, exchange and grow their knowledge, and develop a robust industry network, thereby generating a variety of new business opportunities. Finally, HTI serves as a source of education and business intelligence, while at the same time linking with other industries complementary to health travel.

In addition to organizing health tourism events and exhibitions, HTI is focused on B2B meetings with buyers, leadership gatherings, educational sessions, and social networking, and maintaining a personalized approach. A network of qualified buyers from all continents represents the core value of HTI. Hence, the European Buyers Initiative was established to attract buyers interested in doing business with European service providers. More info: HTI