Medical and health tourism B2C

Health oriented vacation

An increasing awareness for health and the demand for sustainable travel offers to strengthen activities and well-being are trending. And even more: the demographic development towards a higher average age as well as digitalization and e-health are fortifying this trend and broadening the offers. Prevention is gaining importance caused by an increasing number of widespread diseases such as obesity, burn-out, cardiovascular or mental diseases.

There are numerous examples of how destinations, tour operators, medical treatment providers are successfully gaining new prospective clients. Simultaneously users benefit from professional and optimized services.


Example initiative: the platform for health and travel

CSI has developed an innovative platform for travel and health topics in this segment. Including exciting travel destinations, culinary highlights, practical fitness tips, expert interviews and thoughtfully researched medical background knowledge. The platform is offering value add for medical provider, travel provider and readers or users alike. More information: RateCard_TravelFit